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ExpertiseFamily Governance
The aim of family governance is to establish a forum where families can formally address and discuss their family wealth, business, next gen and succession matters. Through “Family Consultation Platforms”, we establish a system of joint decision-making which allows the family to govern its assets on a transgenerational basis. The cornerstone of our family governance approach is to put the “family first” whereby we go beyond the family business and corporate governance.

As the family grows and the complexity of the family wealth increases, families may feel the need to establish a more structured way of interacting. We hereby believe in supporting and facilitating our families to work “bottom up” instead of “top down”.

Our “Family Consultation Platforms”, also called Family Councils facilitate the development of
− loyal, informed and contributed family shareholders;
− clear roles, rights and responsibility for family members;
− engaged family members to act responsibly towards the family, the estate and business.

Through these family meetings, our aim is to facilitate the families in capturing a family mission statement which includes the transgenerational vision, mission and values of the family. By combining Family Governance with Family Dynamics, our desired outcome is to enable a family constitution and a dynamic family growth plan across the different generations. Together we aim for long term family harmony.

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