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ExpertiseFamily Dynamics
Family Dynamics refers to the ways in which family members relate to one another, the interaction between them as well as the varying relationships that can exist within a family. Every family has its own dynamic, which manifests in its own way. In relation to a family business, families face the challenge to keep family boundaries and business boundaries from being entangled. By facilitating families in fostering open communication, we assist them in better understanding how the family functions, what the family roles are and where they may overlap with business roles.

Through information, training, and coaching, we facilitate families to address family dynamics and life events in ways that preserve their business and wealth. Our work touches all aspects of the family and business system whereby we identify common grounds, strengths and weaknesses. Based on our one-on-one conversations and collective debriefs, we provide guidelines for better shareholder and family communication, education and alignment.

By combining Family Governance with Family Dynamics, our desired outcome is to enable a family constitution and a dynamic family growth plan across different generations. Together we aim for long term family harmony.

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