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ExpertiseBanking and Finance
We assist lenders, sponsors and borrowers on finance transactions for leveraged corporate acquisitions, asset-backed finance operations, project finance and solvent and insolvent debt restructurings.

One specific area of expertise is the handling of domestic and cross-border structured finance operations and the setting up of the appropriate security schemes.

We tailor our solutions to corporate and commercial needs. We do so bearing in mind the particularities of the business of the borrower or the finance needs for a given transaction, or by combining with other financing sources on equity level, with bonds or with factoring, leasing or other types of schemes.

We have extensive experience in asset-backed forms of financing and project finance work, with real estate or capital intensive investments as the underlying assets.

We advise financial institutions on general retail banking matters, commercial and consumer lending, payment and investments products and in insolvency matters. We further assist in the related regulatory issues or, if needed, for litigation.

We have extensive experience in asset-backed finance techniques, which we employ to provide commercial players with leasing and renting solutions, vendor finance or bespoke schemes (e.g., for automotive, heavy industry, transport), as well as for retail/consumer purposes (consumer and mortgage credit).

In a rapidly changing legal environment, we provide comprehensive advice on banking and financial products. This advice may be to support investors or to ensure consumer protection or to adhere to general trade practices (including e-commerce, market practices, competition as well as advertising rules), AML, insurance regulations and rules affecting distribution and financial intermediaries.

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